American Success Educators Corporation - Since 1992

Doug Brooks

President, CEO

ASE Corporation

Business Growth Specialist:
Business Development - Communication - Sales

Mr. Brooks became known as “The Razor” for his sharp approach to sales success during his tenure with two Fortune 100 companies, where he was responsible for generating tens of millions of dollars in sales. In 1992, a sales call in Huntington, West Virginia led to the beginning of ASE Corporation.  ASE Corporation began as a software training company and quickly grew opening operations in fourteen cities and eleven states and provided services to more than 300,000 students. 

ASE Corporation later launched Doug's professional speaking and sales consulting business.  Doug has worked with many of the top business leaders from all over America while guest lecturing with his firm. As a paid professional speaker, Doug has presented his programs in 48 States and Four Countries and his audiences have included the majority of the Fortune 500 as well as numerous government, entrepreneurial, small business and charitable organizations.   

Doug has appeared on many radio programs and has been quoted in numerous national publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money Magazine, U.S. News & World Report and LifeStyles Magazine. Doug is an internationally recognized speaker and trainer who reaches thousands of people each year with his proven programs for personal and professional development. He is deeply committed to helping others on their life long journey towards excellence in both business and personal achievement.