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American Success Educators Corporation has presented and produced Doug Brooks training programs performing variations of “The Razor Sharp Communication Seminars” LIVE in 48 States and Four Countries. Our audience has included corporations, associations, civic groups and public employee organizations such as: 

ABC News New York -  Abbott Laboratories -  USDA - Unisys  - IBM  - Microsoft  -  Mutual of Omaha  - American Electric Power  -  USDA - Chase  Bank - Wells Fargo Bank  -  Lehigh University  - DuPont - Chrysler -  Cleveland Clinic  - Mayo Clinic  -  UC-Santa Barbara  - Utah University  -  Princeton University  - U.S. Department of Homeland Security  - Beverly Hills Police - Borders - Social Security Administration  - Marvin Windows and Doors  -  Fuji - Newall -  Antioch -  Masco - CVS - Pharma-Novartis -  Nationwide - Wendy’s International -  Kroger  - U.S. Government Service Agency - U.S. Army - DFAS - Bombardier  -  Ashland Chemical  - Borden - Hershey - City of Honolulu - Porsche -  U.S. Defense Logistics - BMW Financial - Pearl Harbor Officers Club - Microsoft - US Bank - and many more corporations, entrepreneurial companies, government agencies and associations throughout North America.   

The following are excerpts from thousands of unsolicited testimonials.  All testimonials are on record and archived electronically and hard copy bound in bookcases full of binders.  While ASE Corporation and Doug Brooks offer a 100% money back guarantee on every program it should be noted that after thousands of events and transaction no such request has ever been presented.  We have binders full of thousands of testimonials.  Below is a small sampling in random order from one of the accumulated files: 

You hit it out of the park with your preso and also helped to energize the team! The  feedback has been tremendous from your presentation last week at Put-In-Bay. You managed to energize, motivate and enlighten the team on how to step outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves to raise their level of performance, both personally and professionally. Your delivery and message was innovative, humorous and practical.  

Thanks again! Ed, Midwest GEM Leader Avaya

Thank you for enlightening our Hankyu team last week in L.A.!  We really enjoyed your seminar.  Hope it may change some, most or all of us for the better. 

Thanks much, Kristi, Los Angeles, CA 

I wanted to let you know how great I thought this week’s seminar in Wilmington was.  I know it may not have seemed this way, but I took what you had to say to heart, and it really helped me think about accomplishment in a very different way. After walking out of the hotel yesterday afternoon, I can also attest that other attendees felt the same way. Everyone felt your enthusiasm and your genuine desire to help, and we all appreciated it!Best of luck in life to you and yours. You deserve it!

Joe- DuPont Corporation, Wilmington, DE

Thank again for an inspiring and challenging seminar here in Cincinnati. Doug, I hope you enjoyed teaching us as much as I enjoyed being taught.  Two days with you was time well spent. 

Steve – Executive V.P. US Bank 

Thank you so much for the great learning experience last week!  I believe it was the right positive reinforcement at the right time for me to make some positive changes in my life.  I cannot tell you how much weight has been lifted with that decision. Thank you once again for your inspiration and help!

Melinda- Jostens, New York, NY

May I take this opportunity to once again thank you for the very informative seminar.  I must tell you that, I have been in sales for quite a few years and your program was the best I have attended in my entire career.

Roberto – Hankyu International - London, UK

Doug, your teaching on leadership literally changed my life.  I have been to many seminars and this one was one of the most impacting ever.  It was obvious from the very beginning of the seminar that you are a man of influence and excellence.  I am excited about the personal growth that has happened in my life and the benefits to the people around me that I love, serve and work with.

​Chris- Pastor, Massena, NY 

Doug, I attended your seminar and would like to thank you for your wonderful program.  Your seminar is not only good for sales, but also good for our life in general.  I learned so many important things and now I know exactly what I should do.  Thank you again for giving me such a wonderful day! I am looking forward to more of your programs.  

Best Regards- Yoko Okamoto - Kobe, Japan 

Your seminar in Memphis is a great exercise in advancing the productivity if ourselves and those we lead.  Sure glad we have you as the instructor/speaker.

Eric – Sr. Director Memphis

I went home and told my wife all of your ideas of the course of the weekend and how great the information was. I really appreciated your personal examples because it made it clear that we all can determine what we want to become. I’m struggling with that right now and your talk may have come at the perfect time. I look forward to hearing you again soon!  All the best, Chip – CASCO USA, Philadelphia, PA

As a result of Doug’s program, we have improved our communication with both internal and external customers.  We have approached conflict resolution in a more positive, less confrontational manner and as a result have created a more efficient workplace.  We are doing much better job of planning and responding to our clients needs.  I would highly recommend this program as a resource for any company.  I am sure our company will request Doug for future assistance.

Gary- V.P. Sales – Green Bay, WI 
Awesome program! 
Gary – Region2 V.P.  – Cincinnati, OH 

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful seminar!  I was at a crossroads with my life before I came to your seminar.  I now know which direction I can go!  Thank you again for all you have done over the past two days!

Charleen- Team Leader – Milwaukee, WI 

Doug, thank you so much for the “enlightening” and interesting presentation in Denver on the 14th.  The day just flew by, and I did have some “aha’s” along the way.  Thank you so much!

​Karen – Customer Service – Lakewood, CO 

It was a great pleasure talking to you last Friday at your seminar.  I am very impressed with your presentation and determined to follow your guidelines. Thank you!

Shaik- M.D. MBA – Wheeling, WV  

My name is Sam -----.  I was in your seminar in Memphis a few weeks ago and I am still excited about the things I learned from the seminar and we continue to use those lessons learned to improve here at Marvin Window and Doors.  Thank you for being such a great teacher!

Sam – Memphis, TN 

I attended your seminar at the Radisson Hotel in Huntington and was awe inspired to take “radical, immediate action.” Thank you for a sharp and informative day!

​Hilary- Director of Operations – Huntington, WV 

Doug, I was one of the attendees of your seminar in Wichita this past Friday.  I was thrilled with all of the useful information you provided and would like more opportunities to hear you speak.  Again, thank you for such a meaningful and motivational seminar.  I look forward to hearing you again soon.

Stephanie – Bombardier Services America Corporation, Wichita, KS

You had my attention from beginning to end.  Of all the trainings I have attended, this one too the cake.  Doug deserves an A++ for his ability to inspire and captivate his audience with his talents and incontrovertible abilities to get the message across. 

Gina- Program Director- EOC Community Action 

Thanks for such a great program last week in D.C.


I was in your July 15th class in Dayton and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the information.  Thanks for all the positive useful information!

Donna- Vandalia, OH 

Your seminar is great!  It helped me focus and keep a balance in my life and work.  I can see areas that I need to work on that I couldn’t before.  Thanks again!   
Scott- Novartis Pharmaceuticals – Little Rock, AR 

Thank you again for such a great seminar! I’ve been sharing the info from the seminar with co-workers too.  Continued success to you in your endeavors.

Rowena- Providence, RI 

Doug, I really learned so much from your seminar and hope to take others in the future.  Thanks again for your leadership!

Dan- CVS Procare – Chicago, IL 

Doug, I so enjoyed my time we spent together Monday and Tuesday.  I enjoyed your seminar and have already shared much of the teachings with my team. Thank you!

Erich- American Electric Power  - Columbus, OH 

It was great meeting with you last week. Thank you for sharing the knowledge and experience with us.  

Mark- Fuji U.S.A. – Chicago, IL 

I really enjoyed the seminar in Lexington.  We have already begun to implement many of the programs you presented.  Thank you for your energy and leadership!

John- Lexington, KY  

My name is Tara ------ I was in your seminar in Indianapolis August 25th & 26th;  I wanted to send you a note today thanking you for your information.  You spoke several times in your seminar on people who said something to you that stuck with you for life and changed your life – You did that for me yesterday.  I was so impressed with everything you had to say and how TRUE it was!  Your comments, analogies and examples made the information so easy to understand and grasp!  You have truly changed my life (at work and at home)  just like you said you would!  Thanks again!

Tara- Branch Manager 

Doug, I attended your seminar last week in Santa Barbara on Thursday.  I flew back to Chicago, but I am still excited by what I learned.  Thank you so very much for giving us such a wonderful seminar!!!!!  I truly appreciate it!  

​Tim- Wood Dale, IL 

Doug, I attended your seminar at the end of May and wanted to tell you that it has already made a huge difference in my life!

Donna- Newall Corporation, North Miami Beach, FL

First of all I want you to know that I truly enjoyed the seminar you conducted in Dayton.  I really thought it was going to be the same old stuff.  As a team leader I feel more refreshed now than I was before.  Thank you once again for your time.

​Laura – Antioch Corporation 

Thanks again for the terrific training you provided this past week in Washington, DC.  I certainly enjoyed your training and I look forward to implementing many of the systems you discussed.  

Dave – Quadel Corporation, Alexandria, VA

I attended your seminar in New York City last December.  It has changed my life.  I was extremely impressed with the entire presentation.  Thank you!

Joel – MSG 

Thanks for a great seminar!  I will definitely recommend this class to all my co-workers.  The material was great!  

​James- Characterization Engineer – Mendota Heights, MN 

I just attended your seminar in Minneapolis.  It was great!  Thanks again for a great day!

​Lindsay- General Mills 

Thanks for leading such a tremendous seminar last week in Charleston.  I enjoyed it very much!  

Kathy- HR Executive - Charleston County, SC

My name is Chris and I was one of the participants of your program on May 19th in Palm Beach.  I really enjoyed the seminar and hope more people in my group get a chance to hear you.  I thought you were a great speaker and presenter.  Thanks again!


I attended your seminar on June 12th in New York City.  You’ve given me a lot of new tools to work with and I am very grateful.  My hope is that our paths cross again soon.

​Mitch- Palisades Federal Credit Union 

I wanted to thank you again for that great seminar.  It has had a definite positive impact on me.  

Ed - Maintenance Supervisor 

Just want to thank you for yesterday’s seminar.  What an awesome meeting it was!  Thanks so much for your support.  Everything they said about you is true.  You have a great thing going and are a true inspiration!

Sarah- Cleveland, OH 

I was in your class last week in Seattle.  I really enjoyed it – thank you!

Shana – Seattle, WA  

Once again, I enjoyed your seminar and forwarded your information to our training group so, hopefully they hire you to do some work for Organon. Hope you enjoyed the chowder!

Priti- Portsmouth, NH 

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say, “Great Job!” on the seminar!  Your class did indeed help me to understand how to be a better leader, mother & wife and in turn I will be able to take these “systems” you passed on to us and jump start our team again. 

​Katie- Ashland Inc.  

I participated in your People Skills seminar on April 10 in Baltimore.  I have to tell you that I was very impressed with the program.  You are a very positive person!  You give a lot to people you don’t even know....Thank you!

​Maria – Landover, MD 

I have told other individuals about your seminar.  It would probably have been a good program regardless of who taught it but I have a strong feeling that because it was you teaching it, it had so much more impact. You are a gift from God.  Thank you.

​Vicki – City of Richmond 

Doug, thank you for your excellent and helpful seminar last week in Honolulu.  Keep up the great work!

​Christopher, Kahala, HI

We truly appreciated the great session with you!  Everyone left charged up.  Thanks!

​Jenny- Edward Jones – St. Louis, MO